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מפגש ISUG מספר 124: יום שני 05/11/2012

מפגש ISUG מספר 124: יום שני 05/11/2012

המפגש החודשי של ISUG – קבוצת משתמשי SQL Server בישראל – יערך במשרדי מיקרוסופט- הפנינה 2, רעננה; אולם דקל; בשעות 17:30-20:30.

למי שאינו מכיר- המפגש פתוח לכל, אינו כרוך בתשלום, ומומלץ להירשם לאירוע (בקישור למטה יש מפה) כדי שהממונים יוכלו להיערך מבחינת חניה וכיבוד.
בואו בהמוניכם!

1.Query Handling by SQL Server (Adi Cohn, Naya Technologies)
Did you ever wonder how the server processes a query? Would you like to know about the process that receives a query text and turns it into a query plan? If you do, then this presentation is for you. The presentation shows the stages that the query goes through from the time it is submitted to the server until the server produces a query plan. Notice that the presentation is about the internal structure of the query processor and not about how to write better queries.
Adi Cohn worked at various places as SQL Server DBA since 1997.
Adi Cohn
2.Query Tuning Case Studies (Guy Glantser, Madeira)
In this session we will look at query tuning from a practical point of view. We will look at a series of case studies, each demonstrating a different issue that requires performance tuning. This is an interactive session – the audience is going to actively participate in tuning the queries.
Guy Glantser (Blog | Twitter) is the owner and CEO of Madeira – SQL Server Services. Guy spent his whole career working with SQL Server, leading development teams, supporting large-scale mission-critical production systems, and managing development and BI projects. Guy is also the leader of the Israeli SQL Server User Group, and he frequently speaks at conferences and events, such as Tech-Ed and SQL Explore. Today, with 15 years of hands-on experience, he is focusing on sharing his knowledge as part of the SQL Server community.
Guy Glantser

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