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מפגש ISUG מספר 125: יום שני 03/12/2012

מפגש ISUG מספר 125: יום שני 03/12/2012

המפגש החודשי של ISUG – קבוצת משתמשי SQL Server בישראל – יערך במשרדי מיקרוסופט- הפנינה 2, רעננה; אולם דקל; בשעות 17:30-20:30.

למי שאינו מכיר- המפגש פתוח לכל, אינו כרוך בתשלום, ומומלץ להירשם לאירוע (בקישור יש מפה) כדי שהממונים יוכלו להיערך מבחינת חניה וכיבוד.
בואו בהמוניכם!

  1. The Safest Way to Upgrade to SQL Server 2012 (Itai Binyamin, Veracity Group)


In this presentation we will learn how to upgrade to SQL Server 2012 in the safest and fastest ways.

Itai Binyamin (Blog | Twitter), MVP & Microsoft Regional Specialist, is the SQL Server Group Manager at Veracity.

Itai Binyamin

  1. Full-Text Search – Why and How to Use It – Not Necessarily for Documents Search (Assaf Fraenkel, Microsoft Consulting Services)

FTS is not a new feature of SQL Server, however, it is not used in most environments. In this presentation you will learn about FTS architecture and where you can use it. Some examples from real projects will be presented.

Assaf Fraenkel (Blog | Twitter) is a senior architect in the Microsoft Consulting Services group, specializing in databases and project management. Assaf has a master's degree in databases from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and he holds the prestigious titles "Microsoft Certified Master" (MCM) and "Microsoft Certified Architect" (MCA) in the field of SQL Server. Assaf specializes in consulting, in Israel as well as in other countries, in the fields of architecture, availability and performance tuning, for OLTP systems as well as data warehouses. He regularly participates in early adoption programs for new versions of SQL Server.

Assaf Fraenkel

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