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מפגש ISUG מספר 158 בתאריך 2/11

מפגש ISUG מספר 158 בתאריך 2/11


מפגש חודש נובמבר יתקיים בתאריך 2/11 בשעה 17:30, במשרדי מיקרוסופט ברעננה.
יש להירשם כדי לקבל אישור חניה, הרישום כאן

והפעם: הרצאה של אוהד מטע על תשתית לקונסולידציה וניהול שרתים מרובים, ושל פיני קרישר על SQL Azure.


Megazord – Consolidation & Management Infrastructure (Ohad Mata)

You know how sometimes you see an environment in such a mess, where you don't even know which servers are what? Where jobs and backups fail all the time without anyone knowing? Where the DBAs are so busy with daily maintenance they don't even get to work on the GOOD stuff? Where developers don't have time to wait for the DBA so they just install MySQL and start working? This is where Ohad was three years ago. But then he had enough…

Megazord is a project Ohad and his groundbreaking team of DBAs have been working on for the past three years. The Megazord project is a consolidation infrastructure used to manage SQL Server DBs for big scale systems with limited hardware (and human) resources, a problem well known to DBAs and SysAdmins.


Ohad Mata works as a SQL Server DBA and team leader in the Ministry of Defence for the last four years.

He specializes in designing and implementing applicative databases for a vast variety of mission-critical systems. In his "spare" time he develops applications in many environments, such as Android, WebApp and Arduino, and you can find his apps in your nearest App Store.

All You Wanted to Know about SQL Azure, but were Afraid to Ask (Pini Krisher, eToro)

Pini will present the world of SQL Azure, how to connect to SQL Azure, what are the versions of SQL Azure, what is DTU, what are the security options we have, what are elastic database pools, how to calculate the price of the service, and more. Pini will also share some stories from his experience.



Pini Krisher (Blog|Twitter) loves data of any kind and in any form. He works at eToro in a DBA team leader position. He loves SQL Server (2000-2016, SQL Azure). Pini works in software companies since 1996.

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