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Data platform meetup – meeting #9 – Non-Deterministic Elements and SQLCMD

Data platform meetup – meeting #9 – Non-Deterministic Elements and SQLCMD

המפגש החודשי של ינואר ייערך בתאריך 2.1 במשרדי מיקרוסופט ברעננה.

שעות המפגש- 17:30 התכנסות ו 18:00 תחילת ההרצאה הראשונה.

במפגש הפעם נדבר על אחד נושאים מרתקים שלא מרבים לדבר עליהם – דטרמיניזם ב T-SQL ו SQLCMD.

נשמח מאוד אם תירשמו כאן כדי שנוכל להיערך בהתאם לכמות האנשים (ובעיקר על מנת שתוכלו להשתמש בחניה בבניין).

1. Non-Deterministic Elements, Tips and Tricks – Ronen Ariely (60 Minutes)

Deterministic elements always return the same result any time they are called with the same input. SQL Server includes built-in system functions, stored procedures and other non-deterministic elements. The use of those might result in unexpected behavior. For example, non-deterministic functions may return different results each time they are called with a specific set of input values.

In this session we will demonstrate several examples, we will identify the determinism of built-in system functions and the effect on the deterministic behavior of user-defined elements and T-SQL scripts. We will focus on showing tips and tricks on how to work around those behaviors in order to make our system more consistent.

2. SQLCMD Out of the Box: Creative Uses of the Command Line – Geri Reshef (60 Minutes)

SQLCMD is a command line tool for SQL Server. Its role is quite straight forward from its definition, and it hasn't been changed since it was first released to the world. However, it can have many interesting applications that solve problems otherwise wouldn't have been solved.

In the session I will give a very short introduction of its traditional uses ("in the box"), and introduce some interesting real life problems I have solved using it.


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