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Data platform meetup – meeting #12 – JSON in SQL and things we need to stop doing

Data platform meetup – meeting #12 – JSON in SQL and things we need to stop doing

המפגש החודשי של אפריל ייערך בתאריך 3.4 במשרדי מיקרוסופט ברעננה.

שעות המפגש- 17:30 התכנסות ו 18:00 תחילת ההרצאה הראשונה.

במפגש הפעם רונן אריאלי ידבר על JSON ב SQL וייתן טיפים וטריקים מיוחדים בנושא.

גיא ומתן ינסו לערער את האמונה הבסיסית של כולנו וידברו על דברים שכולנו חושבים שצריך לעשות – וטועים.

נשמח מאוד אם תירשמו כאן כדי שנוכל להיערך בהתאם לכמות האנשים (ובעיקר על מנת שתוכלו להשתמש בחניה בבניין).


1.  Built-in JSON Support in SQL Server 2016 and Tips to Improve Performance – Ronen Ariely (60 Minutes)

SQL Server 2016 provides built-in support for importing, exporting, parsing and querying JSON documents. However, JSON support is not the same as the native JSON type, and it is implemented using simple text with types like NVARCHAR.

Traditionally, NoSQL systems, which based on JSON documents (such as DocumentDB or MongoDB) are designed to store the data more effectively (using binary format like BJON and not as simple text) and are designed to increase performance (for example using built-in indexes' systems). Parsing text "on the fly" in relational database (like SQL Server), especially with long text types like NVARCHAR(MAX) and large number of rows, can be challenging!

In this session, we will give a glance on built-in JSON support functions in SQL Server 2016, and we will focus on tips and tricks to improve performance using JSON on SQL Server 2016 and above.

2.  It's 2017! Stop Doing This! – Matan Yungman & Guy Glantser (60 Minutes)

Many years ago, some SQL Server related operations were considered as best practices, and since then we've been doing many of them automatically. The problem is that things have changed. Some of them aren't considered best practices anymore, some of them are not suited to the hardware and software changes that have occurred, and some of them were overrated from the beginning.

In this session, we will go over those best practices, explain where they came from and why they are not relevant anymore. Among others, we will cover your maintenance processes, your code, your disk layout and your thoughts about where the time goes in your queries.

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