Auditing techniques for SQL Server databases

Monitoring (auditing) a SQL Server database does not only serve to comply with the requirements of the compliance rules. It is a practice that has become necessary for analyzing database actions, solving problems, investigating suspicious or fraudulent activities. It can also be useful to prevent inappropriate actions by users, as if there were a closed circuit TV […]

SQL Server 2019: premises

Microsoft's flagship database is an important tool, with local and in-cloud versions offering powerful archiving and analysis tools. It also becomes an important application for data scientists, providing a framework for the construction and testing of machine learning models. There's a lot in SQL Server, and a new version can show you where Microsoft thinks your data […]

Reporting and analysis of the MS SQL server registry

Reporting and analysis of the MS SQL server registry Monitoring database activity is a fundamental task for database administrators, as it allows you to keep track of all events and changes that occur in the database, as well as ensuring the integrity of sensitive data stored in the database. Manual database control is a superhuman task, […]