Reporting and analysis of the MS SQL server registry

Monitoring database activity is a fundamental task for database administrators, as it allows you to keep track of all events and changes that occur in the database, as well as ensuring the integrity of sensitive data stored in the database. Manual database control is a superhuman task, so the best way to do it effectively is to adopt a complete solution that simplifies and automates database and activity monitoring. The solution should also allow database administrators to:

  • Monitor all significant events, such as user accesses, accesses and privileged user activities;
  • Keep track of database transactions and provide comprehensive information on authorized and unregistered changes that reveal the perpetrator of the actions, the type of shares, the time and place where they were performed;
  • Instantly detect the root cause of operational problems and provide detailed information for easy and effective resolution;
  • Instantly identify unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Check the MS SQL server databases via the EventLog Analyzer

EventLog Analyzer from ManageEngine is a comprehensive database activity monitoring tool that helps monitor all database activity, accesses and changes to the server account in the MS SQL server database.

EventLog Analyzer also has the following features:

  • Support for the 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, Enterprise and Datacenter editions of the MS SQL server;
  • Predefined reports that provide detailed information about the DML and DDL query control;
  • Real-time warning in case of unauthorized access to confidential data or to the database server itself;
  • Efficient management of MS SQL server accounts, including monitoring of changes to privileged user accounts with detailed reports and instant alerts;
  • Intuitive report control panel that allows you to drill down to the level of the raw log, which displays the content collected by the machine, thus simplifying the analysis of the root cause.

MS SQL Server DDL Audit Report: Monitoring DDL changes

  • They allow you to monitor and track changes that occur at the structural level of the database, such as changes to tables, views, procedures, activations, schemas and more;
  • Thanks to intuitive graphical reports, it is possible to obtain details on who made this change, on when and from where it was performed;
  • They allow to obtain, in real time, notifications by e-mail or SMS for any modification of the DDL level.

Available reports 

DML control report of the MS SQL server: control of DML activities

  • Thanks to the predefined reports of EventLog Analyzer, it is possible to check the activities at a functional level that take place in the database;
  • They allow to know the moment in which the functional queries are executed, the author of the same and the place of execution;
  • They allow you to track instantly all the activities of changing confidential data, such as viewing, updating, deleting data or inserting new ones.

Available reports 

MS SQL Server Account Management Report: Accou management

Managing and monitoring database server accounts is very important for setting permissions for both internal and external database resources. EventLog Analyzer simplifies database account management with real-time alerts and pre-defined reports. With this solution it is possible to:

  • Keep track of all changes to the account in relation to users, logins and logouts, passwords, and more;
  • Know when a privileged account is created, deleted or modified;
  • Control the access and disconnection activity and know the reasons for access errors;
  • Know instantly when the password of a critical account is changed and more.

Available reports 

MS SQL server audit report: monitoring server activity

  • Thanks to the immediate reports of EventLog Analyzer, you can quickly check MS SQL server activities, such as startups, shutdowns, logins, logon errors and more;
  • They allow to obtain detailed reports on database backup, restore, control, control specifications, administrator authority and more;
  • They allow to know the best database access activities and to visualize the trends of possible access errors.

Available reports 

MS SQL server security report: decrease of database security attacks

EventLog Analyzer helps reduce internal and external security breaches by providing detailed reports and real-time alerts on the various security attacks that may occur on the database. This solution:

  • It provides detailed reports on SQL injection and Denial of Service attacks, which help to conduct a detailed forensic analysis on how to carry out the attack;
  • It notifies you in real time about events, including account lockouts, privilege abuse, unauthorized copying of sensitive data and more, thus helping you to react immediately to security breaches.

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